Throughout the 2022-2023 school year, students will have several opportunities to learn from home.  These "eLearning Days" are school days and should be treated as such, with students accessing our curriculum virtually.  

With that said, not all eLearning Days are the same.  In order to conduct Professional Development, the South Henry School Corporation has 6 scheduled eLearning Days this school year.  On these days, instruction will be asynchronous.  This means that students will not be meeting with teachers at scheduled times.  Work will be pushed out to students and teachers will be available through correspondence during windows of time during the day to provide assistance to students.  On these days, our staff will be learning so that they can better serve our children.

Scheduled eElearning Days will take part on the following days:

  • Sept. 21
  • Oct. 19
  • Nov. 16
  • Feb. 15
  • Mar. 15
  • Apr. 19

The other type of eLearning Days are unscheduled and occur upon inclement weather or unplanned closures.  Students will follow the guidelines at their building in regards to attendance at interactive class meetings and the completion of work.  At least 50% of these school days should be synchronous.  This means that students will be interacting with teachers and staff members "live" for a significant portion of the school day.

We appreciate your help making arrangements for your children in advance.

Great things are happening at South Henry!