Dear Parents,

First and foremost, thank you for allowing your children to eat school meals with us here at South Henry. We are proud of the nutritious and delicious breakfast and lunch offerings that we provide students at a great value. As a review, breakfast is free to all students. Unfortunately, as stated in previous communication, the Federally-funded free lunch program for all students ended at the start of this school year and we are once again charging for school lunches. Current lunch prices are as follows:

  • Elementary - $2.75

  • Middle/High school - $2.85

Please make sure your child maintains sufficient funds in his or her account to cover the cost of meals. We always recommend paying in advance and maintaining a positive account balance to avoid charges. Unfortunately, many of our students have started to accrue significant negative balances. Our cafeteria manager, Mrs. Zentz, has been sending out emails and letters to households with these negative balances. Per Board policy, significant negative balances are considered over $30 and could result in eventual referral to collections. This is never our goal or our heart as a School Corporation.  This is where we need your help! 

Please keep your child’s school lunch account in the positive. Payments may be made directly to cashiers or by going online to

If you need assistance due to an inability to pay for lunch, you may qualify for free/reduced lunch status. We have paper applications in the front office, or you can apply for free/reduced lunches on the school website.  If you aren’t sure of your child’s status or have questions, please feel free to call Angela Zentz @ 765-987-7882 or email


Angela Zentz, Chartwells

Jeremy Duncan, South Henry School Corporation Superintendent