South Henry Family,

At the Indiana State Board of Education meeting in July, South Henry School Corporation's 1003 waiver application was approved that allows us to waive three instructional days.  In short, due to the length of our instructional day, we have more instructional minutes than is necessary per statute.  Due to this, you will see that the newly approved calendar allows for 3 of our 6 scheduled eLearning days to be waived:

  • Nov. 20 & 21 - The two days prior to Thanksgiving Break.
  • Apr. 8 - The day following Spring Break and the day of this year's eclipse

On these days, teachers will not have to support student learning and provide asynchronous instruction, and students will not have work to complete.  We are hopeful that this change will allow you to enjoy time with family around Thanksgiving, not worry about work at the tail end of Spring Break, and enjoy this year's eclipse with your family.

Teachers will still support students at home asynchronously on the other three scheduled eLearning Days (Oct. 19, Feb. 7, Mar. 8).  Attendance and work completion are expected on these days.

Thank you for your support!

Go Titans!