• Tri Junior Senior High School

    We feel that it is our responsibility at Tri Junior Senior High School to offer our students the finest quality of education and to provide as many diverse education opportunities as we can. It is our purpose to prepare students for responsible adulthood and for useful citizenship in our society.  Tri is a comprehensive school. About sixty percent of our graduates will likely pursue college or advanced training, while forty percent will choose not to advance their formal education.  Therefore, we have a responsibility to place an emphasis on academic studies, but also believe it is important to provide opportunities for vocational training as well. We offer a gifted and talented program through advanced-level offerings.  We also have a learning disability assistance program for members of our student population. Our school provides guidance and counseling services that assist pupils and teachers in having a satisfying, successful school experience. These services recognize the dignity and worth of all persons in the school community. The services encourage the development of potential and assist the individual in developing confidence and a growing sense of responsibility.  With an open and positive approach to learning, we believe that effective use of homework can contribute to one's overall education.  Thus, we have developed a homework policy with the hope of nurturing high expectations.  It is our continuing responsibility to keep our students informed of technological and social changes to prepare them for tomorrow's challenges.  We believe it is important to strive to implement interdisciplinary instruction and to encourage cooperative learning experiences.  We believe that we, as educators, must not only educate, but also discipline. We must set examples by role modeling, by listening to students' needs, by being consistent, by encouraging students' attendance, and by working cooperatively with the total staff.  Maintaining a positive atmosphere is of great importance. We believe that the success of our school program should be evaluated periodically to maintain a climate of understanding and concern among all facets of the school community, its students, faculty, parents, administration, and local communities.
Last Modified on July 17, 2019